Andreas Austeng: PhD students

Active PhD students

  • Børge Solli Andreassen, Image Fusion for Guiding Cardiac Intervention using Deep Learning. Main supervisor Eigil Samset. Co-supervisors Anne Solberg, Olivier Gerard (GE Vingmed Ultrasound). Project is part of INIUS.
  • Antoine Blachet, Improved mapping rate in seabed mapping with sonar. Main supervisor, Roy Edgar Hansen. Co-supervisors Fabrice Prieur, Alan Hunter (Univ. of Bath, UK), and Frank Ticky (Kongsberg Maritime). Project financed by CIUS.
  • Stine Myhre Hverven, Ultrasound imaging for improved segmentation. Co-supervisor Anne Solberg. Project financed by MEDIMA.
  • Elsa Cocconello, Modelling and removal of time-varying sea-surface and overburden effects in multi-component data. Main supervisor Walter Söllner (PGS). Co-supervisors Anthony Day (PGS), Morten W. Pedersen (PGS), Endrias G. Asgedom (PGS), and Roy Edgar Hansen.
  • Ole Marius Hoel Rindal, Iterative ultrasound imaging, Co-supervisor Anne Solberg.
  • Tor Inge Birkenes, Mot fotorealistiske ekkolodd gjennom adaptive stråleforming og kalibrering. Co-supervisors Frank Ticky (Kongsberg Maritime) and Roy Edgar Hansen.
  • Stig Asle Vaksvik Synnes, Ultra Wideband Synthetic Aperture Sonar. Main supervisor is Roy Edgar Hansen.
  • Jo Inge Buskenes, High resolution beamforming on parallel hardware with application to ultrasound and sonar. Co-supervisor Sverre Holm.

Completed PhD theses

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