Andreas Austeng: PhD students

Active PhD students

  1. Håvard Kjellmo Arnestad
  2. Gabor Gereb
  3. Ole Jacob Lorentzen, Synthetic Aperture Sonar Interferometry in Rough Seafloor Bathymetry. Main supervisor Roy Edgar Hansen. Co-supervisors Torstein Olsmo Sæbø (FFI), Alan Hunter (Ifi/Univ. of Bath, UK).
  4. Børge Solli Andreassen, Image Fusion for Guiding Cardiac Intervention using Deep Learning. Main supervisor Eigil Samset. Co-supervisors Anne Solberg, Olivier Gerard (GE Vingmed Ultrasound). Project is part of INIUS.
  5. Stine Myhre Hverven, Ultrasound imaging for improved segmentation. Co-supervisor Roy Edgar Hansen. Project financed by MEDIMA.
  6. Jo Inge Buskenes, High resolution beamforming on parallel hardware with application to ultrasound and sonar. Co-supervisor Sverre Holm.

Completed PhD theses

  1. Stig Asle Vaksvik Synnes, Ultra Wideband Synthetic Aperture Sonar. Main supervisor is Roy Edgar Hansen.
  2. Antoine Blachet, Improved mapping rate in seabed mapping with sonar. Main supervisor, Roy Edgar Hansen. Co-supervisors Fabrice Prieur, Alan Hunter (Univ. of Bath, UK), and Frank Ticky (Kongsberg Maritime). Project financed by CIUS.
  3. Tor Inge Birkenes Lønmo, PhD, March 2020, Adaptive Beamforming and Autocalibration for Swath SonarsCo-supervisors Frank Ticky (Kongsberg Maritime) and Roy Edgar Hansen. Industrial PhD financed by Kongsberg Maritime and RCN.
  4. Ole Marius Hoel Rindal, PhD, Nov 2019, Software Beamforming in Medical Ultrasound Imaging - a blessing and a curse. Co-supervisor Anne Solberg.
  5. Elsa Cecconello, PhD, Oct 2019, Modelling and removal of time-varying sea-surface and overburden effects in multi-component data. Main supervisor Walter Söllner (PGS). Co-supervisors Anthony Day (PGS), Morten W. Pedersen (PGS), Endrias G. Asgedom (PGS), and Roy Edgar Hansen. Industrial PhD financed by PGS and RCN.
  6. Knut Landmark, PhD, March 2016, Machine learning and image processing methods for acoustic seafloor mapping and classification. Co-supervisors  Anne Schistad Solberg and Roy Edgar Hansen. Project Acoustic Image formation and interpretation.
  7. Endriasa Getashew Asgedom, PhD, Des 2012, On the use of super-resolution algorithms in seismics: applications within diffraction separation and imaging. Co-supervisors Leiv Johan Gelius and Sverre Holm.
  8. Fabrice Prieur, PhD, Oct 2012, Nonlinear propagation of ultrasonic signals. Theoretical studies and potential applicationsCo-supervisor Sverre Holm, project High resolution imaging and beamforming.
  9. Ann Elisabet Albright Blomberg, PhD, Feb 2012, Adaptive Beamforming for Active Sonar Imaging. Co-supervisors Sverre Holm and Roy Edgar Hansen, project High resolution imaging and beamforming.
  10. Carl-Inge Nilsen, PhD, Aug 2010, Beamformers with Applications in Medical Ultrasound imaging. Co-supervisor Sverre Holm.
  11. Johan-Fredrik Synnevåg, PhD, March 2009, Adaptive beamforming for medical ultrasound Imaging. Co-supervisor Sverre Holm.
  12. Jan Egil Kirkebø, PhD, September 2008, Selected problems in spatial signal processing. Co-supervised with Sverre Holm and Nils Christophersen.
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