Suhas Govind Joshi

Associate Professor - Digitalisation
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Phone +47 22852416
Postal address Postboks 1080 0316 Oslo
Other affiliations Department for Informatics (Student)


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  • Maartmann-Moe, Harald; Bråthen, Heidi; Joshi, Suhas Govind & Bratteteig, Tone (2022). Design decision competence: Supporting user participation in design decisions.
  • Maartmann-Moe, Harald & Joshi, Suhas Govind (2022). Prototyping and Prototype use in Participatory Design with older adults: A systematic literature review.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind & Bråthen, Heidi (2016). The Role of Materials in Design of Familiar and Contextual Assistive Technologies.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind & Bråthen, Heidi (2016). Lowering the Threshold: Reconnecting Elderly Users with Assistive Technology Through Tangible Interfaces.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind (2016). Re-establishing Interaction Through Design of Alternative Interfaces.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind & Woll, Anita (2015). A Collaborative Change Experiment: Post-experiment evaluation of Home Telecare For Elderly Home Dwellers.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind & Rem, Aleksander (2015). Implications for Design of Personal Mobility Devices with Balance-Based Natural User Interfaces.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind & Bratteteig, Tone (2015). Assembling fragments into continuous design. On participatory design with old people.
  • Bratteteig, Tone & Joshi, Suhas Govind (2014). Følgeforskning på Kampen Omsorg+.
  • Joshi, Suhas Govind (2017). Designing for Capabilities: A Phenomenological Approach to the Design of Enabling Technologies for Older Adults. Universitetet i Oslo. ISSN 1501-7710. Full text in Research Archive

View all works in Cristin

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