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Tools and Resources


Tool-support for Reasonable Ontology Template (OTTR).

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  • Cite as: Martin G. Skjæveland, Daniel P. Lupp, Leif Harald Karlsen, Henrik Forssell. Practical Ontology Pattern Instantiation, Discovery, and Maintanence with Reasonable Ontology Templates. Accepted for ISWC 2018 research track.

Slegge OBDA resource

Slegge schema

OBDA specification over the Slegge database.

NPD FactPages as Semantic Web Data

NCS map

OBDA specification of the NPD Factpages.


NCS map

Sgvizler is a JavaScript library which renders the result of SPARQL SELECT queries into charts or HTML elements.

Boundz and Mapper Dan

Bounds lattice

Validate RDF transformations for conservativity.

Tags: Semantic web, Logic, Ontologies, Databases, Data Integration, Data Exchange
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