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Mobile phone +4791759827 +4791759827
Room 6461
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 OSLO


Research Interests

My research concerns health informatics for global health. Spesifically, I'm interested in digital innovation and the development, integration and governance of complex health information systems.

I work with the following problem areas:

  • Information systems to support health management
  • Evidence based decision making to improve essential health services
  • Integration of information systems to support information sharing and integrated workflows
  • Mobile technology to improve data quality and information use 
  • Secondary use of health care data, for example in public health administration or work process and workflow optimization within health care organizations 


University Teaching

I administer and teach the interdisciplinary course: IN5330 Health Management Information Systems.


PhD student supervision

The following students have completed their PhD in Information Systems with my supervision:

Lars Kristian Roland, Designing architectural patterns for distributed flexibility in health information systems (2018)


Master student supervision

The following students have completed their Master's Theses in Information Systems with my supervision:

Jonas Berg Henie, Developing for usability and user involvement in a low resource contex (2018)

Øyvind Egede-Nissen, Using Nutrition Clinical Decision Support Systems in low resource settings: A case from Rwanda (2018)

Vetle Arildsønn Falch, Forbedring av rask og jevn pasientflyt ved bruk av IT verktøy for koordinasjon hos sykehusets støttetjenester En case studie av renholdsprosesser på et norsk sykehus (2018)

Parramore, Anastasia, Computer supported evidence-based decision-making at health facilities in Zambia (2017)

Ogega, Peter Mogaka, Data use challenges and the potential of live visualization tools data - A case study of health data-use workshops in Zambia (2017)

Roa, Julie Hill. Designing mobile instant messaging for collaborative health data management in Rwanda (2017)

Fraschetti, Yrjan Aleksander Frøyland, Designing mobile instant messaging for collaborative health data management in Rwanda (2017)

Ommundsen, Simon Oliver, Designing an Education Management Information System - A case study on the introduction of a digital, mobile-to-web Education Management Information System in Zambia (2017)

Sujatmiko, Nugroho Fitria, Implementing DHIS2 Feedback via Short Message Service: A Case Study for Uganda WEMR Health Workers (2015)

Rein, Torbein, Feedback as Motivation: Case study in Uganda WEMR Program (2015)

Al-Nashy, Safa Ahmed Tahir, Managing scaling of HIS: Implementation of DHIS2 in Sudan (2015)  


Tags: health information systems, global health, Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs)


Sanner, Terje Aksel, and Egil Øvrelid. “Informating Hospital Workflow Coordination.” Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), May 28, 2019. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10606-019-09362-z.

Roland, Lars Kristian; Sanner, Terje Aksel; Sæbø, Johan Ivar & Monteiro, Eric (2017). P for Platform. Architectures of large-scale participatory design. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems.  ISSN 0905-0167.  29(2)

Sanner, Terje Aksel; Manda, Tiwonge Davis; Nielsen, Petter. 
Grafting: Balancing Control and Cultivation in Information Infrastructure Innovation. Journal of the AIS 2014 ;Volume 15.(4) p. 220-243

Sanner, Terje Aksel; Sæbø, Johan Ivar. 
Paying Per Diems for ICT4D Project Participation: A Sustainability Challenge. Information Technologies and International Development 2014 ;Volume 10.(2) p. 33-47

Sanner, Terje Aksel; Roland, Lars Kristian & Braa, Kristin (2012). From pilot to scale: Towards and mHealth typology for low-resource contexts. Health Policy and Technology.  ISSN 2211-8837. 1(1), s 155- 164 . doi: 10.1016/j.hlpt.2012.07.009

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  • Nielsen, Petter & Sanner, Terje Aksel (2018). Digital Innovation and the Dynamics of ICT4D Projects.
  • Sanner, Terje Aksel (2015). Grafting Information Infrastructure: Mobile Phone‐based Health Information System Implementations in India and Malawi.
  • Sæbø, Johan Ivar; Sanner, Terje Aksel & Muhire, Andrew (2014). Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Health.
  • Roland, Lars Kristian & Sanner, Terje Aksel (2013). Accommodating Multiple Rationalities in Patient Oriented Health Information System Design.
  • Sanner, Terje Aksel; Sæbø, Johan Ivar & Moyo, Christon M. (2013). Interdependent Institutional Logics: The Case Of Health Information System Restructuring In Malawi.
  • Sanner, Terje Aksel; Braa, Kristin & Roland, Lars Kristian (2012). From Pilot to Scale: Towards a mHealth Typology for Low Resource Contexts.
  • Sanner, Terje Aksel & Manda, Davis Tiwonge (2012). Bootstrapping Information Technology Innovations Across Organisational and Geographical Boundaries: Lessons from an mHealth Implementation in Malawi.
  • Sanner, Terje Aksel & Braa, Kristin (2011). Making mHealth happen for Health Information systems in low resource settings.

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