Architecture Seminar

The Global Infrastructures research group will have a Architecture Seminar during spring 2015.

Architecture (, Creative Commons)

The Architecture seminar will be open for faculties and PhD-students in the GI group. The seminar will be based on presentations by the participants - their own work, a 'normal' lecture or an interesting paper (or perhaps something else). The topic will broadly be architecture (related to complex information systems)

The aim of the seminar is to:

  • Spur discussions around architecture
  • Share key perspectives and work done in our group on the topic
  • Identify key readings on the topic
  • Create input to a future Architecture course (perspectives, cases and curriculum)

Time: Wednesdays from 10:15 - 12:00

Place: HISP lab (including a joint lunch from 11:30)

Structure: One presentation at each seminar with dicussions. Presentations are expected to (at least breifly) describe:

  • a) Definition/conceptualization of architecture
  • b) The general research problem/question related to architecture
  • c) The way/direction in which architecture is theorized
  • d) 3 key architecture papers
Presentation Schedule
Date Topic

Three Strategies for Functional Architecting: Cases from the Health Systems of Developing Countries (Johan Ivar Sæbø and Petter Nielsen)

presentation / paper


Towards a Processual Perspective on Architecture - Building an Information Infrastructure for Personalized Medicine (Margunn Aanestad, Johan Sæbø and Thomas Grünfeld) 



Exploring the concept of architecture in Technology and Organization studies (Xenia Vassilakopoulou and Miria Grisot)



From IT Silos to Integrated Solutions. A Study in eHealth Complexity (Bendik Bygstad)

presentation / paper


Information Systems Architecture as Production (Bob Jolliffe)

presentation / paper


Architecture as institutional practice: the Ethiopian eHMIS/PHEM case (Mikael Gebre-Mariam)

presentation / paper

27.05.2015 Draft architecture for Personal Connected Health and Care in Norway: Actors, use cases and architecture (Lars Roland)


By Petter Nielsen
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