Since August 2001 The PhD Days Workshop in Information Systems is organized and hosted by the Information Systems research group at the Department of Informatics of the University of Oslo, Norway. The workshop is also open to Information Systems candidates from other institutions in Norway and internationally in order to exchange experiences and build research relationships in an international network.


Next PhD Day will be September 1,  2022

The main aims of the workshops are:

·  Give constructive feedback to the ongoing work of the participating PhD candidates
·  Build and maintain research networks
·  Discuss important issues related to the study of Information Systems
·  Facilitate joint research, collaborative writing and supervision across institutions
·  Assess the progress of PhD students

The workshop (held every six months) is organized in workgroup sessions to discuss each students PhD project and progress as well as plenary sessions for theoretical presentations and discussions.



Eric Monteiro

Ragnhild Bassøe Gundersen

For any questions regarding the workshop do not hesitate to contact the organizer.