Reference page for completed master's theses (2016)

Title Author Supervisor(s) Date of submission
Shared Variables in Go: A semantic analysis of the Go memory model Stian Valle Martin Steffen, Volker Stolz Nov. 2016
Leveraging DTrace for Runtime Verification Carl Martin Rosenberg Volker Stolz, Martin Steffen 2016
A PLC-NuSMV compiler for model-checking safety-critical control systems Altin Qeriqi Martin Steffen, Ingrid Yu, Yingyue Li 2016
Detection of bugs and code smells for the Go programming language Christian Bergum Bergersen Martin Steffen, Volker Stolz, Violet Ka I Pun 2016
Developing Real-Time Collaborative Editing Using Formal Methods Lars Tveito Rudi Schlatte and Martin Steffen 2016
A Survey on Novel Services in Smart Home, Optimized for Smart Electricity Grid Kaniz Fatema Tuly Christian Johansen, Josef Noll, and Trond Aalberg


A Survey of JavaScript Features Olaf Aarseth Berge Christian Johansen, Martin Steffen, and Olaf Owe Nov. 2016
OCR-Based Data Authentication for Online Banking Marius Portaas Haugen Audun Jøsang and Christian Johansen Nov. 2016
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