A Survey on Novel Services in Smart Home, Optimized for Smart Electricity Grid

Advancement  in  technology  has  not  only  transformed  our  life  but  also  extended  in  every sphere of our way of living. Till now in most of the cases we are adapting our lifestyle with the way that is directed by the functions of the modern devices. But scientists are researching on more modern smart devices that should rather adapt with our lifestyle seamlessly. That is the  core  concept  of  pervasive  computing a  collection  of  invisible  and  visible  sensors  and computing  devices  to  ease  our  daily  life.  Recently  there  has  been  an  increasing  interest  in smart devices containing endpoints like sensors an d actuators also known as the things. They can connect to the internet to cooperate and create new services at homes and industries. The typical application scenarios include smart home, e-health, smart grid and so on.

Development  of  Smart  Grid  and  Smart Meter  encourages  the  consumer  to  use  smart appliances  in  their  home.  There  is  an  increased  trend  in  adoption  of  smart  appliances  in general,  as  witnessed  by  the  many  new  IoT  enabled  systems  and  services.  A  well  designed smart appliance can take the full advantage of smart meter to optimize the electricity usage. There are many household products and devices in the market that provides smart control to manage  home  system.  Our  goal  in  this  thesis  is  to  investigate  the  products,  what  are  the services they provide and which services can be developed in future by using these devices. We called the services here as Novel Services. Additionally, we propose a framework based on  the  novel  services  provided  by  the  smart  home  devices  and  appliances  to  evaluate  their services. Smart Electricity Grid consists of a wide range of solutions for the electricity grids of the future. If we can utilize and integrate information communication technology with the contemporary  electric  grid  system  into  smart  grid  that  will  make  th e  production,  storage, distribution  and  management  of  energy  highly  efficient  which  will  eventually  benefit  our people, community, nation and country.

By Kaniz Fatema Tuly
Published Sep. 28, 2016 1:30 PM - Last modified Apr. 13, 2018 10:32 AM