Blockchain-UiO is a leading academic-industrial lab in Norway in the area of blockchain technologies. For more information, please visit this link.

Our Mission

  • To serve as a center of competence for the technical design of new blockchain applications
  • To develop new blockchain-related technologies
    • To facilitate and catalyze blockchain-related research at UiO
    • To foster new initiatives and projects
    • To promote entrepreneurship of lab graduates by channeling possibilities, including collaboration with new ventures
  • To promote innovation and collaboration between academia and industry related to blockchain technology and applications
    • To find partners and catalyze industry research
    • To foster new initiatives and projects
  • To improve the education in blockchain technology in Norway through academic courses, tutorials, and master projects

Distinguishing elements of the blockchain lab

Key Assets

  • Professional experts and existing knowledge base
  • Facilities and hardware
  • Network
  • Software installations

Legal Restriction

  • The Blockchain Lab is legally part of the Institute for Informatics
  • The Lab does not provide sponsorship to external partners

Unique Advantages

  • Cooperation with key technology providers such as IBM and IOTA Foundation
  • Proximity to innovation ecosystem (Forskningsparken, Oslo Science City)
  • Industry network in the greater Oslo region
  • A meeting place for industry and students

Fundamental Research Focus

In terms of research, the lab aims at contributing to the design and development of both blockchain technologies and blockchain enabled applications. The main focus is on researching and enhancing the fundamental challenges of digital infrastructure, data exchange platforms, digital marketplaces and digital applications.

Particular areas of focus may originally be related to digital trust, digital identities, cybersecurity, data provenance, and data governance as well as smart contracts.

Application Domains

Blockchain can potentially be used in a broad range of application domains. The Blockchain Lab will address opportunities which can lead to societal benefits in Norway and bolster the competitiveness of the Norwegian industry. Some of the domains include:

  • Critical digital infrastructure
  • Infrastructure for Smart Cities and Smart Nation
  • Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance
  • Smart energy and energy trading
  • Contract management
  • eHealth
  • Global trade & supply chain
  • Sustainability

Additionally, many of the above advances of the blockchain technology are synergetic with Internet of Things, Multi-Cloud, Next-generation Internet connectivity, as well as AI research and technologies.

Steering Committee

The lab is being managed by a Steering Committee: