The University of Oslo welcomes you to the 36th IRIS seminar and the 4th SCIS conference!

Call for papers: SCIS IRIS

Theme: “Digital living”

During the three and a half decades since the IRIS seminar was initiated, our societies, organizations and personal lives have been profoundly affected by Information and communication technologies. ICTs are ubiquitous in our lives – embedded into everyday appliances, constituting core tools for organizational work, and acting as central mediators for our social life, both in the small, personal scale and on a political and societal scale.  We now live “digital lives”.

Our keynote presenters illuminate this theme from different angles:

ULRIKE SCHULTZE (Southern Methodist University, USA), known for her research on virtual worlds

TOM IGOE (New York University, USA), artist and professor on physical computing

ERIK FOSSE (Oslo University Hospital, Norway) will illuminate how digital technologies have revolutionized medicine

We want to question what digital living implies, both on a personal, group, organizational and societal level. What are the struggles, tensions and results that has emerged as we have gone from “digitizing” our organizations and societies to “living with the digital”? We seek to discuss experiences of “digital living” within a multitude of empirical settings. Just to mention a few such settings, this could include studies of how ICTs are intimately intertwined into daily practices of care for elderly and frail people, of how organizations deal with their increasingly complex systems’ portfolios, or how people relate to each other when interaction is mediated through social networks. What are the societal effects of ICT becoming ubiquitous in everyday situations, such as travel, shopping, everyday logistics and community work? How do gaming, virtual worlds, social media, and free downloading affect society – education, economy, work life and culture? Which strategies do persons, groups and organizations adopt in order to deal with ICTs? Through which means are digital lives being regulated, standardised and governed?

With the theme “digital living” we also seek to provoke. Everything in our lives is not digital; we still have a significant “analogue” component. How can the border between the physical and digital aspects of our lives be designed and dealt with? How can basic human capacities be utilized in interaction and collaboration with digital devices? Moreover, the resource distribution in our world is disturbingly uneven, and everyone on our planet does not live digital lives. However, the impact of ICT in low GDP countries is dramatic, so we also welcome a global perspective on “digital living”.

We seek contributions of various types: empirical studies that explore the way we live with ICTs in any domain, and that illuminates challenges, opportunities, problems and/or solution strategies. We also encourage theoretical and methodological reflections on how these phenomena can be studied and conceptualized.

IRIS 36/SCIS 2013 will be  hosted by the University of Oslo. The number of participants is limited and preference will be given to those with accepted papers. IRIS is famous for its unreserved and egalitarian atmosphere where it is easy to present and discuss ones research. The structure of the conference is ideal for networking and collaboration. The conference is open not only to researchers from the Nordic countries, we particularly welcome people from other parts of the world, bringing along and sharing their views.


Dates for IRIS:

April 1 2013 (extended to April 8th) : Submissions due

May 25 2013: Reviews finalized and submitted

June 1, 2013: Notification of acceptance for IRIS with editorial comments

June 20 2013: Submission of final versions

June 20 2013: Deadline for authors to register to the conference (with early bird fee)


Dates for SCIS:

February 1, 2013:  SCIS Submissions due

March 21, 2013 : Editorial decisions sent to authors

May 1, 2013 : Submissions of final versions

May 15, 2013: Notification of acceptance for SCIS

May 31, 2013: Camera-ready version

June 20, 2013: Deadline for authors to register to the conference (with early bird fee)


Instructions for IRIS and SCIS Submissions:

Submissions should be no more than 16 pages long. Authors should follow the submission guidelines posted here (downloadable zip files for Word and LaTex respectively). Submissions should be made through EasyChair.

Under the auspices of the IRIS Association

Outstanding SCIS submissions will be considered for fast-tracking to the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems.

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