Travelling - how to get there...

By air

Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL - located 45 kilometres from Sanner Hotel) is the preferred destination by air. Other options are Torp (TRF) and Rygge (RYG), but travelling distances to the hotel are considerably longer. Several options are available from OSL to Sanner, including bus, train or taxi.

Shared transport will be arranged as follows:

  • Aug. 11th, 11:00 (from OSL airport)
  • Aug. 11th, 11:45 (from Gran station)
  • Aug 14th, 14:00

If you have not signed up for shared transport, you can still check for availability by email.


By bus

The airport express bus has regular departures from Gardermoen to Hønefoss (timetables). Get off at Lunner Rådhus, and take a taxi from there. If you call Gran Taxisentral  (+47-613 33 000) when entering the bus, a car will be waiting for you upon arrival in Lunner. In total, this should take about 45 minutes.

By train

The airport express train runs regularly from the airport to Oslo city. From there you can catch a train to Jaren or Gjøvik and get off at Gran station (timetables). From Gran you can walk (uphill for 3.5 kilometers) or take a taxi. In total, this should take 2 - 3 hours.

By car

Departing from Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), follow signs for Roa/Hønefoss. Turn right upon entering RV4 (after a tunnel), and follow RV4 to Gran. In Gran you will find signs to 'Hotellene' and 'Sanner Hotell'. In total, this should take approximately 45 minutes. You migth rent a car at the ariport, find a taxi there or book in advance from Gran Taxi (+47-613 33 000).

Published May 31, 2013 9:19 AM - Last modified Mar. 25, 2014 11:30 AM