Registration for IRIS’36 – SCIS 2013 is now open.

The conference fee has three categories:
- single room: NOK 8000,-
- twin room: NOK 7000, - (2 beds in the same room)
- double room: NOK 6000, - (a double bed)

There is a limited number of each room type (e.g., 15 single rooms) as Sanner hotel is not very big. We think this will enhance the good old IRIS feeling. We have tried to lower the conference fee as much as possible. Note that the fee includes hotel expenses with all meals as well as organized transport (see registration form for details).

On 15. July we increase the conference fee for late registration:
- single room: NOK 10.000,-
- twin room: NOK 9000, - (2 beds in the same room)
- double room: NOK 8000, - (a double bed)

Note that not all room types may be available at this point in time.

Tone & Margunn

Link to registration form.
Link to ePay.
Please note that your registration is not valid before payment has been made.


Published June 6, 2013 4:53 PM