Master's Theses in Informatics: Information Security

The Digital Security group (SEC) at IFI as well as security researchers at the ITS department supervise a variety of topics and kinds of Master's projects. A list of theses is provided below.  Please contact relevant supervisors if you would like to discuss individual ideas and define new projects.

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
SQL injection using Reinforcement learning 6. mai 2021
Kvalitetsvurdering av setninger som passord 4. jan. 2021
Classifying Rogue Access Points with Semantic Graph Artificial Intelligence 14. nov. 2020
Ethical use cases for onion services 4. nov. 2020
Security Capability Comparison of Native vs. Cross platform Apps 3. nov. 2020
Large-scale Study on the FIDO2 Adoption in the Wild 2. nov. 2020
Automated Cyber Defense - Open Command and Control (OpenC2) 31. okt. 2020
Beskyttelse mot sidekanalsangrep i implementering av kryptoalgoritmer 10. aug. 2020
Analyse av Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) 10. aug. 2020
Analyse av lettvektsalgoritmer for postkvantekrypto 10. aug. 2020
Analyse og deteksjon av skadevare med maskinlæring 10. aug. 2020
The usability of NIST post-quantum competition candidates as replacements in existing systems and protocols 30. sep. 2019
Intermediate solutions for quantum resistant key exchange 30. sep. 2019
Applied Cyber Security 29. sep. 2019
Automatic Malware Detection and Analysis 29. sep. 2019
The UiO SecurityLab Robot 26. sep. 2019
Malware Detection via Graph Analysis 21. sep. 2019
Cybersecurity 4. sep. 2019
Authoring Incident Response Actions Taking Into Consideration User Experience 3. sep. 2019
Password-less Authentication 2. sep. 2019
Machine-Readable Security Playbooks and Orchestration 20. aug. 2019
Energy Consumption of Security Protocols 16. feb. 2018
Sikkerhetstesting av SCADA-utstyr 8. feb. 2018