Information and Cyber Security

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Implementation of key-exchange based on McEliece cryptosystem 30. sep. 2019
The usability of NIST post-quantum competition candidates as replacements in existing systems and protocols 30. sep. 2019
Intermediate solutions for quantum resistant key exchange 30. sep. 2019
Applied Cyber Security 29. sep. 2019
Automatic Malware Detection and Analysis 29. sep. 2019
Security logging and SIEM in industrial control systems and industrial internet of things (IIoT) 27. sep. 2019
User authorization and authentication schemes in industrial control systems (ICS) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) 27. sep. 2019
Privacy and Data Protection 27. sep. 2019
The UiO SecurityLab Robot 26. sep. 2019
Malware Detection via Graph Analysis 21. sep. 2019
Graph Analysis on Threat Intelligence Graphs 6. sep. 2019
Cybersecurity 4. sep. 2019
Authoring Incident Response Actions Taking Into Consideration User Experience 3. sep. 2019
Blockchain in Cyber Threat Intelligence 20. aug. 2019
Machine-Readable Security Playbooks and Orchestration 20. aug. 2019
Automated Cyber Defense - Open Command and Control (OpenC2) 20. aug. 2019
Authentication Reset Methods of Web Services 16. aug. 2019
Analysis of Smart TV Communication 16. aug. 2019
Cloud Security Threat Modelling and Solutions 22. nov. 2018
Information Security Risk: Methods for Assessment and Representation 22. nov. 2018
Development and Assessment of Adversarially Robust Systems for Classification 20. aug. 2018
Analyzing Approaches to the Problem of AI Safety 20. aug. 2018
Internet Security Scanner 10. aug. 2018
Analyzing Encrypted Web Traffic for Privacy Leaks 6. aug. 2018
Usable E-Mail Encryption using the Smartphone as Second Channel 6. aug. 2018