MSc Theses in Informatics: Language Technology

The Language Technology Group (LTG) at IFI supervises a variety of topics and kinds of MSc projects. A list of candidate projects is provided below (all projects on this page are available, independent of the original date they were posted; see towards the bottom for access to a list of completed projects).  But group members will also be happy to discuss individual ideas and define new projects in the broad realm of language and search technologies. Please make contact with us.

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Automated Essay Scoring with Deep Learning 26. okt. 2020
Neural negation resolution for Norwegian 26. okt. 2020
Solving SuperGLUE in a smart way 25. okt. 2020
Diagnostic Semantic Dataset for Norwegian 25. okt. 2020
Ideal tagset determination for Universal PoS-tags 8. okt. 2019
NLI: Combining Logic and Neural Networks 8. okt. 2019
Neural compound analysis for Norwegian 7. okt. 2019
Bootstrapping semantic lexicons for low-resource languages 7. okt. 2019
Incorporating external information in neural networks for NLP tasks 7. okt. 2019
Intelligent processing of email communications 29. okt. 2018
Modeling heterogeneous embeddings from workplace communications 24. okt. 2018
Extracting tidbits from communication to contextualize a person 19. okt. 2018
Discovering and classifying user-user relationships from communication 19. okt. 2018
Bringing multi-turn conversational user interfaces to search for task completion 19. okt. 2018
Formal semantics meets distributional vectors 4. okt. 2017
Semantic representations and interpretation 3. okt. 2017
Universal Dependencies for a Norwegian Learner Corpus 3. okt. 2017