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Honorary Professor Jan Skov Pedersen

Professor Jan Skov Pedersen (Aarhus University) is appointed honorary doctor at UiO. On this occation he will give the lecture: Going deeper at shallow angles - developments and applications of small-angle scattering through three decades.

Man with glasses and blue shirt.

Professor Jan Skov Pedersen. Foto: Maria Randima, AU Photo. 

UiO's honorary doctorate at Department of Chemistry

During the seremony at the University Annual Festivities September 1, Professor Jan Skov Pedersen from Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University, will be appointed honorary doctor at UiO.

Welcome to his lecture: Going deeper at shallow angles - developments and applications of small-angle scattering through three decades.

14:00-15:30: Lecture, auditorium 2.
Welcome first to cake and coffee in the canteen.

The lecture is held in English, and is open to all.

About Jan Skov Pedersen

In his research, he strives to explain properties of complex materials by revealing the structure on length scales that are too small to be observed by usual light microscopes. Therefore he employs scattering techniques that involves X-ray and neutron, which can interact with the material and form interference patterns that contains information on the structure down to the size of small molecules.

His research area includes complex self-assembling systems as formed for example by enzymes and soap molecules, solution structure of large biological protein complexes, polymer science, and physics of biological systems.

Jan is a true pioneer in the use of scattering methods based on X-ray and neutrons, in particular small-angle scattering (SAXS/SANS) that allows us to study the molecular organization and structural evolution at the nanoscale and at time scales down to 1/1000 of a second. This allows us follow complex chemical reactions and biomolecular processes in situ which is equally important in e.g. materials sciences as to understand serious diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Jan Skov Pedersen - University of Oslo (

Honorary Doctorate 

UiO's honorary doctorate is given to prominent, most often foreign, scholars. It is awarded without the candidate having defended a dissertation in a public defense. UiO has had the right to appoint honorary doctors since 1824. They are usually appointed every three years at UiO's annual celebration in September.

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