Light scattering instrument

We have a newALV/DLS/SLS-5022FCompact Goniometer System from ALV for our dynamic- and staticlight scattering measurements. This instrument uses a 22 mW He-Ne-Laser with awavelenght of 632.8 nm, and it has 8 detector units which can measuresimultaneously both static and dynamic light scattering.

With the high temperature cell housing we can measure attemperatures from -12 oC to +120 oC. We also have thepossibility to measure in pseudo cross-correlation mode, and an ALV - CRTUCuvette Rotation/Translation Unit for measuring on non-ergodic samples.


It is important that the samples used in light scatteringexperiments are free of dust. The equipmentused for this is described here.

Published Mar. 4, 2011 9:02 AM - Last modified Oct. 25, 2021 4:49 PM