ThePaar-PhysicaMCR 300 rheometer can be used for very accurate measurements using steadyshear, oscillatory shear, and stress relaxation.

We can use several different measuring systems with thisrheometer:


This module uses a cone-and-plate geometry,with a cone angle of 1o and a diameter of 75 mm. It is equipped witha Peltier plate temperature unit that gives a very good temperature controlover an extended time. This module can be used to make very accuratemeasurements on solutions with viscosities close to that of water and also onhigh viscous samples such as gels.


Using this module, we can measure smallangle light scattering on samples under different shear conditions, whilemeasuring the rheological properties of the samples at the same time. For thismodule we use a plate-plate configuration made of transparent glass.

The laser light is going through the sample from above,and by using a camera located underneth the sample chamber, we can record thescattered light.

By using two computer screens, we can follow therheological parameters and the scattering profile at the same time.

Ball measuringmodulus

This modulus is made for samplescontaining large particles. In cooperation with the group of Professor AndersElverhøi at the geology department, this module is used to determine theviscosity behaviour of samples containing different amounts of sand andclay.

This module uses a rotatingball to measure the viscosities.

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