How is research organised in the department?

The Department of Chemistry is organised in seven research areas.

These include

  • Analysis and environment
  • Functional non-organic materials
  • Catalysis
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Quantum chemistry, structure and dynamics
  • Polymers – organic materials
  • Synthesis and molecular structures

In addition we have a school laboratory.

The majority of researchers in Functional non-organic materials and in Catalysis represent the Department of Chemistry's researchers in the Centre for Material Science and Nanotechnology, while the group in Nuclear chemistry correspondingly represents the Department's share of researchers in the Centre for Accelerator-based Research and Energy Physics. Both of these centres are established and operated in collaboration with the Department of Physics.

This is an organisation with the goals to

  • maintain a solid academic foundation that is dynamic and has the capability to adapt in pace with changes in the prioritizations of society
  • strengthen collaboration internally, with the rest of the university system and with higher education and business

The current areas of research are diverse. Some are more homogeneous than others, and this affects how they function - as well as further development. Notwithstanding, one goal is to increase collaboration both internally in the research areas and across these. Doing this requires openness and trust. Establishment of joint academic and social meeting places is important in this regard, since continual academic discussions and the development of joint grant applications are crucial for further development. Larger joint projects, time-limited endeavours and centres will emerge out of these processes. The initiation of such efforts is entirely dependent on visionary researchers as well as good, inspiring academic management. It is a goal that this will result in a dynamic department with good provisional endeavours based on different and varied collaborative constellations.

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