Research Collaboration

The department plays a key role in several long-term binding alliances between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and relevant research institutes and communities of experts. This gives us larger academic environments, higher research quality and access to and good exploitation of heavier research infrastructures.

Systematic collaboration will allow the department greater success in national and international research, and within the R&D collaboration with business and administration.  

The Birkeland Centre

A joint-venture between the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and the University of Oslo – the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences on research and education on energy and material technology. The purpose of this venture is increased innovation and commercialization, increased participation in large national and international research projects, and better access to research infrastructure.


CIENS - Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research

CIENS is a strategic research collaboration between independent research institutes in the field of climate and the environment and the University of Oslo.  The centre is built on a shared scientific strategy, and has developed a joint research programme (Strategies and Actions for Common Research – SACRE).  About 500 people are co-located in a new building at the Oslo Innovation Center.

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SINCIERE - Sino-Norwegian Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research

SINCIERE is an open joint-venture platform between CAS/RCEES and CIENS/UiO to promote interdisciplinary and thus policy-relevant collaboration on environmental research with China.

For further details:   SINCIERE    


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