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Soil and water chemistry

This group is unfortunately inactive from Oct. 1st, 2021, and until new scientific position is filled. 

The Environmental Sciences Group combine expertise in analytical chemistry with analytical challenges on specific environmental issues.

Our research is interdisciplinary, using our knowledge of chemistry, chemical analysis and statistics with modeling / simulation, in collaboration with other nature  and social scientists to generate knowledge for sustainable management of our natural resources.

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Preparing samples for ICP-MS. Photo: Alexander Håland.


Concidering a Master in Soil and water chemistry?


What we do is to study the hydro-, bio- and geo-chemical processes that control the leaching and transport of chemicals between pools in biogeochemical cycles. The focus is on mechanisms governing the transport from soil to fresh water. More specifically, we are researching on eutrophication, the effects of climate change on water quality, fractionation / speciation of heavy metals (especially Hg) to understand their transport and mobility from soil to water, and the properties and the role of natural dissolved organic matter (humus).

The studies conduced largely in China, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. In China we are running the Sino-Norwegian Centre for Interdiciplinary Environmental Research (SINCIERE).

Within Analytical chemistry, new analytical methods for chemical characterization of environmental samples are implemented and developed.



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Environmental chemistry:

Professor Rolf D. Vogt



Professor Eddy W. Hansen


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