Courses and programme structure

An overview of courses that are either taught by the nuclear chemistry group or are of special relevance for studies at the section can be found below.


Master og PhD

Programme structure

An example of programme structure for a master's degree at the nuclear chemistry group:


4th semester Master thesis
3rd semester

Special curriculum*/

Relevant course

Master thesis
2nd semester KJM5922 Relevant course

Special curriculum*

Master thesis
1st semester** KJM4900*** KJM5912 KJM5903 KJM-MENA4030
  10 credits 10 credits 10 credits

* Special curriculum could be liquid-liquid-extraction or hydrometallurgy, depending of the choice of master project. Maximum 15 credits during the master studies.

** Mandatory HSE modules are also included in the 1st semester.

*** If KJM3900 is not already completed during the bachelor studies.


Se også siden om master i kjemi for mer informasjon om oppbygging av studiet.

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