The Netzsch TG209F1 Libra

The Netzsch TG209F1 Libra is a ThermoGravimetric Analyser (TGA) equipped with a vacuum tight furnace (10-2 bar). Measurements can be carried out up to 1100°C with a heating and cooling rate in the range of 0.001 to 200 K/min. The instrument is equipped with two purge gas lines connected to the sample chamber and a protective gas line going to the balance. Each gas line is monitored by integrated mass flow controllers. Experiments under oxidizing or reducing atmospheres can be performed. Evacuation and refilling vacuum cycles can be directly implemented on the measurement program. Depending on the sample properties, crucibles in alumina, platinum or aluminum can be used. This instrument is particularly adapted to routine and fast experiments.

Examples of applications: calculation of water content in chemical precursors, thermal decomposition study of inorganic compounds and polymers.