Laboratories at NAFUMA

Here you will have an overview of the equipment and the laboratory infrastructures which enable our coworkers to perform experiments and conduct their research activities.

The NAFUMA Group has available a great variety of equipments and laboratory techniques to:

  • characterise and test:
  1. powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction at variable temperature, atmosphere, pressure;
  2. thermal analysis (TG, TA, DSC); surface and thin film analysis (XPS, BET, AFM; X-ray reflectometer, ellipsometer; nanoscratcher); magnetic characterization (PPMS, MPMS)
  • synthesise: ALD atomic layer depositions reactors; controlled atmosphere furnaces; high temperature furnaces; wet chemical and hydro/solvothermal labs; vacuum lines; ball milling, chemical transport two zone furnaces
  • simulate: the Modelling Lab with tools like VASP-PAW, Materials Studio package, FHI-Aims, WIEN 2k, CRYSTAL06 etc...,

novel materials.

Most of the facilities described here are located at the Department of Chemistry (Kjemibygningen) in Blindern (see map). 


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