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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Analytical services and research since 1968

Booking and prices

People associated with the Dept. of Chemistry or Dept. of Pharmacy can submit requests for analysis using BookitLab (instructions).

Other clients, please contact the analytical services team directly for processing and up to date pricing.

Contact information: 

For analytical services:
Senior Engineer Mauritz Ryding
Principal Engineer Erlend Steinvik


Location: Sem Sælands vei 26
Room: V244–V252
0371 OSLO



The laboratory provides analytical services for the Department of Chemistry, Department of Pharmacy, UiO at large, and external clients. Routine services include:

  • Electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry of pure samples or mixtures on the maXis II instrument.
    • Option for high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) with suggested molecular formula and simulated isotopic pattern.
  • Electron ionization (EI) mass spectrometry, with preceding gas chromatography (GC), of pure samples or mixtures on the SCION instrument

Additional services are available; please see the Services page.

Internal clients

Analytical services are provided primarily to students and employees at the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Pharmacy. Submit a request for analysis using BookitLab (instructions) and deliver your sample outside room V252.

Other clients from UiO are most welcome to contact us for information regarding prices and availability.

External clients

We are happy to provide our services for external clients. Please contact us and let us discuss your analytical needs and requirements. Information on our current prices will be supplied upon request.


  • The maXis II is an advanced quadrupole–TOF instrument and is the workhorse for the analytical services of the laboratory. With a mass resolution in 50 000 range, it is capable of delivering not only mass spectra but also accurate estimates of a sample's molecular formula. The standard ionisation method is ESI; however, the instrument is also capable of APCI, APPI and has options for HPLC and GC. Additional information is available on the Services page.
  • The Bruker SCION is a GC-MS instrument with EI and CI ionisation. Additional information is available on the Services page.
  • Micromass/Water QTOF-2. A quadrupole–TOF instrument mostly used for research. A modified gas inlet allows us to study the reactions between ions and a variety of different gases and volatile/semi-volatile liquids. The particular configuration of the instrument's ESI source lends itself well to the production of molecular cluster ions.


The laboratory is active in basic and applied research with emphasis on chemical reactivity and reaction mechanisms; we employ various physical and theoretical methods such as mass spectrometry, sonochemistry, reaction rate theory and computational quantum chemistry.

Please contact us for collaborations, BSc or MSc projects.
Professor Einar Uggerud
Senior Engineer Mauritz Ryding


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