Synthetic studies directed towards asmarines (completed)

Sponges of the family Raspailia mentioned in atricle.

About the project

Asmarines have been isolated from marine sponges (Raspailia sp). Currently 11 asmarines (asmarine A – K) are known. Little is reported regarding bioactivities of asmarines, but asmarines A and B possess significant cytotoxic activity against various human cancer cell lines. So far no total synthesis of an asmarine has been published.


The main objectives of our project are to develop the first total syntheses of asmarines and analogs, and to explore potential bioactivities (especially antimicrobial and anticancer activities) of these compounds.


The project was financed by NFR – KOSK II (2008-2011) and is continues as part of the NFR-ISP project Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry directed towards Bioactive Natural Products (2011-2016)


External collaborators: Dr. Colin Charnock (Oslo University College), Prof. Lars Bohlin and Prof. Rolf Larsson (Uppsala University), The Tuberculosis Antimicrobial Acquisition and Coordinating Facility.

Former personell: Anders Vik (PhD student / research fellow).



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