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REAL teaching; kick-starting the semester

Every year in August and January we arrange REAL undervisning (REAL teaching) as a kick-start of the semester with focus on teaching and learning. 

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The seminar is in Norwegian, but we would also like to include our english speaking emplyoees who are involved in teaching. Therefore we will arrange an english version of the seminar on the following day. 

Let us know if you wish to attend! 

Registration form
Submit by 6th of January

We will only arrange the course if the number of registrations exceeds 10 people. 


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Educational culture and learning environment including group discussions with focus on tutors and lecturers roles in learning situations 
  • Misconception and error as an opportunity for learning 
  • Scientific teaching in context and a rough guide to KURT's web pages on active learning 
  • Lunch


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Emneord: teaching, active learning, professional competencies
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