Avlagte doktorgrader 1996-

  Avhandlingens tittel År
Cazzador, Elisa Topics in the geometry of spaces of symmetric tensors 2022
Le Texier, Cédric Combinatorial Patchworking, Real Tropical Curves and Hyperbolic Varieties 2022
Helsø, Martin Investigations into real determinantal quartic hypersurfaces 2020
Nødland, Bernt Ivar Topics in toric geometry: Polar degrees, vector bundles and algebraic cycles   2019
Stavnes, Jarle Universal deformation spaces and smoothability of face schemes of polyhedral manifolds 2019
Meyer, Fredrik Join of hexagons and Calabi–Yau threefolds 2017
Moe, Torgunn Karoline Cuspidal curves on Hirzebruch surfaces 2013
Villamizar Villamizar, Nelly Yazmin Algebraic Geometry for Splines 2012
Qviller, Nilkolay Intersection Theory and Nodal Curve Enumeration 2012
Fausk, Ingrid Pfaffian Calabi-Yau threefolds, Stanley-Reisner schemes and mirror symmetry 2012
Mork, Heidi Real algebraic curves and surfaces 2011
Imenes, Olav Gravir The concept of charge in a model based on non-commutative algebraic geometry 2011
Hofmann, Andrea Curves of genus 2 on rational normal scrolls and scrollar syzygies 2011
Muntingh, Georg Topics in polynomial interpolation theory 2011
Vigeland, Magnus Dehli Topics in elementary tropical geometry 2008
Johansen, Pål Hermunn Topics in Algebraic geometry and geometric modeling 2006
Gulbrandsen, Martin G. Fibrations on generalized Kummer Varieties 2006
Kleppe, Johannes Additive Splittings of Homogeneous Polynomials 2005
Øby, Elise Hoff Apolar varieties of Schubert cycles 2004
Dragotto, Alessandra Locally Cohen-Macaulay Reducible Surfaces of Degree at Most 11 in the Projective Fourspace 2004
Berg, Anders Høyer On the Enumeration of Plane Curves in Positive Characteristic 2001
Ile, Runar Obstructions to deforming modules 2001
Eriksen, Eivind Graded D-modules on Monomial Curves 2000
Gustavsen, Trond Stølen Topics in Deformation and Moduli Theory for Singularities on Curves and Surfaces 1999
Rødland, Einar Andreas A Case of Mirror Symmetry defined as Non-Complete Intersections and Significant Topology Change for Multiple Mirror Manifolds 1998
Pettersen, Kjell Fredrik The Geometry of General 3x4x4 Tensors 1998
Kierulf, Halfdan Pascal The Quantum Cohomology of the Space of Determinental Nets of Quadrics 1998
Sommervoll, Dag Einar Rational Curves and Complete Intersection Calabi-Yau Threefolds 1997
Siqveland, Arvid Matric Massey Products and Formal Moduli, Local and Global 1996


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