Njord's researchers from both the departments of Physics and Geosciences use five laboratory facilities: the four experimental rooms of the Centre of Excellence PoreLab, the two rooms of the FrictionLab, the Oslo Analogue Lab, the three rooms of the FlowLab and the two rooms of the LagLivLab, which all are equipped with state-of-art techniques and apparatuses. 

A see-through box with water in it with a thin pipe hanging vertically above. A blue light is coming from a lamp behind the box.

Detail of the Krüss DSA25 drop shape analyzer. This device is used to measure the surface tension between a liquid and the surrounding air. During a measurement, a tiny liquid drop hangs from the central needle and its geometry is extracted to back-calculate the surface tension. 

More information about the laboratories: 

PoreLab: laboratory facilities

FrictionLab: laboratory facilities

FlowLab: laboratory facilities

→ LagLivLab: laboratory facilities


More info will be added to this page in the future. 



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