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Programming & Software Engineering (PSE)

The main work of the PSE group is in the following areas:

  • Programming and programming languages
    • Making new programming language mechanisms (packages of classes)
    • Let the compiler catch more programming errors when using patterns
    • Make a small/medium sized system
  • Modelling and design patterns
    • Can modelling (like UML) be made executable, and programs models ?
    • Design patterns for distributed and parallel programs
    • Design Patterns for Secure Programming
  • Software Engineering
    • Evaluating the various System Development methods
    • Finding the ‘best’ agile method
    • Making tools (eclipse) for embedded systems
  • Parallel tools & algorithms
    • New parallel algorithms, triangulation
    • Comparing GPU/Multicore/Grid computing; tools and efficiency
    • Working extensions to the Joly system
  • Cloud computing
  • Security

NEW: PhD Scholarship available in software engineering


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Group leader 
Dag Sjøberg


No ongoing projects