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Equal Rights Board

The Equal Rights board at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics is composed of: 

The mandate of the Equal Rights board is:

  1. Proposing to the Institute management and the Institute board measures based upon the MN Faculty's strategy for gender equality at work (read the Gender equality strategy for 2015-2020 and the action plan for 2015-2016 (pdf, Norwegian) and helping to secure that students and employees experience justice and equal treatment regardless of gender, age and ethnicity.
  2. Being represented in the Faculty's Gender Equality network (see the Gender Equality Committee at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (pdf, Norwegian) and from there apply the measures at the Institute.
  3. When announcing permanent academic positions at the department, identifying possible good female candidates and ensuring that they are requested to apply.
  4. Before announcing permanent academic positions at the department, reviewing the call for proposals to ensure that the position is announced so broadly that good female candidates are not excluded.

We encourage everyone at ITA to contact us regarding issues you would like us to address or suggestions for improvements.

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