CCSEs juleseminar 2020

Velkommen til det årlige juleseminaret vårt! 

Datamus med nisselue


  • 14.00-16.00    Faglig seminar

Seminaret vil i år være på Zoom 

1) Devin SilviaIntentionally interdisciplinary: the design and implementation of Computational Mathematics (pdf), Science and Engineering at Michigan State University (Michigan State University) 

One of the core missions of Michigan State University’s new Department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (CMSE) is to provide education in computational modeling and data science to MSU’s undergraduate and graduate students.

In this talk, I will highlight the motivation for establishing the CMSE department and discuss the design and implementation of our introductory computational modeling and data analysis course, CMSE 201.

CMSE 201 is intended to be a standalone course teaching students from a wide range of disciplines some of the core concepts in data analysis, data visualization, and computational modeling. This course serves as one of the entry points to the new Bachelor of Science in Data Science that was initiated in June of 2019, but is also intended to be a service course to a large fraction of the Michigan State University student population.

2) Tor Ole Odden: Using Computation to Support Student Creativity and Agency in Science (pdf) (University of Oslo, CCSE)

Over the past several years, we at the CCSE have been working to systematically transform certain aspects of our physics courses in order to provide students with more opportunities for creative, exploratory, and investigative work through the use of computation. 

In this talk, I will describe how we are conceptualizing student creativity and agency in science, the changes we have made to our courses in order to support it, and initial results from a comparative case study between a UiO physics course and an interdisciplinary data science course from Michigan State University.

3) Marius LysakerIncorporation of scientific programming in the engineering studies at the University of South-Eastern Norway:  Experiences and reflections (pdf) (University of South Eastern Norway)

In recent years, efforts have been made to redesign and modernize the study portfolio for all engineering programs at the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Two important guidelines (among others) for the redesigned bachelor programs were:  

  1. Introduce Python programming for all first year students, and
  2. Python programming should run as a common thread throughout the study portfolio.

The students who started this autumn (2020) were the first students which were incorporated into this study program. In their first semester they met an introductory course in scientific programming. In this talk, I will share experiences we have gained through this first semester and I will try to point out the direction for the years to come.

4) Anders Malthe-Sørenssen CCSE 2020: yearly review (University of Oslo, CCSE)

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