Kickoff meeting in May

In the beginning of May all national partners and collaborators gathered in Oslo for the very first DEEP meeting. Apart from getting information about DEEP, we discussed the management of our research school, themes for workshops, structure of our General Assembly and recruiting strategies.

Here are some of the most important points discussed and decided:

  • The first DEEP board meeting will be held autumn 2016. During our meeting we confirmed that the school shall have a board, which acts as a steering board and comprises one representative of each of the Norwegian partner universities (Ritske Huismans (UiB), Holger Stunitz (UiT), Suzanne McEnroe (NTNU)), the scientific director (Stephanie Werner (UiO)), one national and international representative for additional advice, and one doctoral student representative elected from the participating group of students.
  • A DEEP newsletter will be distributed approximately once a month starting this June.
  • The General Assembly will be held every year to gather DEEP members and supervisors. It will be structured like a small conference over two days where the participants practise presenting their research and networking. Extra courses will also be offered (for example in soft skills like presentation technic or writing).The first meeting will be held early 2017. PhD students and their supervisors will be attending together.
  • The first topical workshop will be held spring 2017 and we are working on the possibility of offering something in connection to the paleomagnetic laboratory in the newly established Ivar Giæver Geomagnetic Laboratory.
  • All DEEP partners and contributors will have the possibility to offer our members courses, seminars and workshops. Please contact Anniken or Stephanie if you have any suggestions, wishes or already taught courses that would be suitable. How this can be organized practically will have to be discussed with the different institutions in each case, but we will help.
  • There is an estimated number of 30 relevant PhD students from all national collaborators and partners that can join DEEP. There is no upper limit of number of members, but we aim to have PhD students relevant to DEEP. It is enough to only have interest in some of our activities.
  • All partner institutions are obligated to help us recruit their relevant PhD students and their supervisors. DEEP should be made visible on web pages and newly hired PhD students should be informed.
Published June 8, 2016 1:19 PM - Last modified June 8, 2016 1:19 PM