Intensive course - Lithosphere and Asthenosphere: Composition and Evolution

November 6 - 10 2017 the Norwegian research school DEEP offers an intensive course on the composition and evolution of the lithosphere and asthenosphere in Oslo with Valerie Maupin as lecturer.

Course content

This course deals with the composition and evolution of the crust, lithospheric mantle and asthenosphere. Seismic imaging techniques and interpretation of tomographic images in terms of composition and physical properties will be coupled with recent results in petrology, geochemistry and geodynamical modelling to review recent advances in our understanding of the evolution and present state of the continental as well as oceanic lithosphere.

The course lectures and discussions will be based upon five selected articles. Each student will be asked to choose a selected aspect/subtopic of the course material and prepare a short presentation prior to the course in order to set up the discussions.

Course participants will receive more information regarding the program and obligatory activities after the application deadline.

Time and place

The course is taught intensively at the University of Oslo 6 -10 November 2017. You will receive literature to prepare in advance and get approximately one month to finish a home exam after the lecture week.


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