DEEP General Assembly up north

The 3rd DEEP general assembly took place in March 2019 in beautiful Tromsø and Sommarøy. This was an excellent arena for the 40 participants to meet and discuss cutting-edge research ideas and methods in the field of dynamics and evolution of the earth and planets.

DEEP members and general assembly key note speakers at Sommarøy.

DEEP members and general assembly key note speakers at Sommarøy.

The PhD Day

The first day of our gathering was arranged by and for the PhD students only. This year they wanted to focus on team-building activities and doing something together. The day was therefor spent on a guided scenery and wildlife boat trip on the fjords surrounding Tromsø. The students reenacted famous geology movies, made PhD comics and much more along the way.

From the upper left: Reconstructing the letters DEEP, a PhD comic strip, making the comic, enjoyng the view, reenacting a geology movie and bowling.

Excellent arena for scientific networking and exchange of on-going research

After traveling along the snow covered landscape for an hour with snow falling heavily outside the bus, we all arrive safe at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel. The scenery is breathtaking and the hotel safe and warm. We start out with an introduction of our four key speakers Whitney Behr, Clare Warren, Sumit Chakraborty and Jörg Hermann, getting to know why they got interested in geology in the first place and how they got to where they are today. During the next two days we will hear a talk from each of them and have good time for discussions afterwards led by host and DEEP board member Holger Stunitz.

The talks were great!

From the upper left: Northern lights over Sommarøy Arctic hotel, key note speakers Jörg Hermann and Whitney Behr, view from the conference room.

Reaching out with research findings and ideas

The PhD students contributed with presenting posters of their current research projects at the assembly. As a part of the research training they were given general feedback and advice on what to keep in mind when creating and presenting research on posters by an evaluating committee consisting of Clint Conrad (UiO), Christine Fichler (NTNU) and Jiri Konopasek (UiT). The students Åse Hestnes (UiB), Sebastian Wolf (UiB) and Eivind O. Straume (UiO) won the prizes of respectively 5000, 3000 and 2000 NOK for the best poster presentations.

From the left: Best poster prize winner Åse Hestnes presenting her poster, PhD students discussing, Åse Hestnes poster, Sebastian Wolfs poster and Eivind O. Straume poster

When asked about the most educational experience at the general assembly, the PhD students answered:

To feel free and confident to initiate a discussion or speech with someone who I never met before.

The talks were very good and also the discussions after.

Meeting the other PhD´s to learn what they are working on.

The next General Assembly

Next year’s general assembly will be hosted by Stephanie Werner in the Oslo area. The exact venue and time of the next general assembly in spring 2020 will soon be announced.

The Norwegian Research School DEEP

Norwegian Research School for Dynamics and Evolution of Earth and Planets (DEEP) is a national initiative and involves all major national institutes educating PhD students within the fields of dynamics and evolution of the earth and planets.

The school is managed by the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), a CEO hosted by Dept. of Geosciences, UiO.


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