Upcoming events DEEP spring 2021

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Scientific intensive courses, 5 ECTS

Dates, registration and more information will be ready soon. 

GEO-DEEP9505 – Special Topics on Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth and Planets: Heat transfer between rock units

During this course, we will introduce the physics principle of heat transfer in solid materials and see the consequences of the processes on the tectonic development of crustal and mantle rocks.

Cooperation between UiO and UiT. Most likely offered in February/March 2021.

GEO-8131 – Deformation processes

Brittle and viscous deformation processes will be explained. Flow laws, extrapolation and rheological principles will be covered. The associated and diagnostic microstructures and textures will be analysed. The theoretical knowledge will be complemented with lab sessions using thin sections and exercises.

UiT, taught by Holger Stunitz. Most likely offered in February/March 2021.

GEO-DEEP9200 – Deep Earth and Planetary Mineralogy and Dynamics

The course treats Earth and planetary differentiation to form core, mantle and crust and gives insights into the seismic structure, heat production, heat flow and convective dynamics of the Earth. The melting and subsolidus phase relations and mineral physics of silicate rocks and Fe-dominated alloys are central to our understanding of Earth and planetary dynamics and evolution. The identification of primordial, melt-depleted and deeply recycled crustal material by radiogenic isotope systematics will also be reviewed.

UiO, taught by Reidar Trønnes. Most likely offered 12 - 23 April 2021.

GEO-DEEP9506 – Special Topics on Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth and Planets: Mineralogy of planetary surfaces and biosignatures

During this course, we will introduce the basics of how we can study mineralogy of extraterrestrial bodies and how to retrieve information on biosignatures from this.

UiO, taught by Agata Krzesinska and Benjamin Bultel. Most likely offered in May 2021.

GEOV350 – Geodynamics and Plate Tectonic Processes

The overall goal of this course is to provide the students with a good understanding of computational geodynamics. A first goal of this course is to provide the students with an good understanding and programming kills in computational geodynamics. A second goal of this course is for the students to learn how to implement and use finite element techniques to solve problems in lithosphere dynamics.

UiB, taught by Ritske Huismans. Most likely offered in May 2021.


Writing with Results

Writing with Results will take place over several weeks. In this way, we can follow an actual writing process resulting in an article ready for submission. 1-day a week over 6 weeks, the
participants will be able to develop and practice a writing process that works for them. We start with lectures on basic writing skills, and then week-by-week work through the sections of a typical research article. At the same time, the participants to give each other peer-feedback and support.

Online, taught by Mathew Stiller-Reeve. Tuesdays from week 5 2021. 

Method courses

Python programming - beginners and more advanced

We are hoping to offer a beginner course for those who have no or little experience with programming and using Python. We are also working on setting up a more advanced workshop where you can bring your own data and expand your Python programming knowledge on your level. 

General Assembly

DEEP welcomes all members to the fourth DEEP General Assembly 9 - 12 June 2021. The assembly will focus on the theme Early Earth and be held in eastern Norway. We are organizing a field trip to explore the spectacular late Paleozoic and Precambrian geology of southern Norway on the last day.

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