The Kristine Bonnevie lectures 2013: What sex really means

This year at the annual Kristine Bonnevie lectures, the geneticist and popular science author Steve Jones from University College London will tell you "What sex really means". Eugenie C. Scott from The National Center for Science Education will draw on her long experience in defending science education in the U.S., and explain why communicating science is so important in her lecture "Defending evolution - and some other sciences". The Kristine Bonnevie lecture on evolutionary biology is part of the University’s annual celebration.

The 2013 Kristine Bonnevie lecture on evolutionary biology is "What sex really means" by Steve Jones from University College London. Jones has published several very popular books on evolution, including "Almost Like a Whale: The Origin of Species Updated", "Darwin's Ghost" and "Y: The Descent of Men".

Eugenie C. Scott, an American physical anthropologist and Executive Director at The National Center for Science Education (NCSE, U.S.A.) has extensive experience with the intersection of science with educational, legal, religious, and social issues. At this event she will give an introduction on the importance of science communication.


10.15-10.25: Opening remarks
Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector, University of Oslo

10.25-10.55: Defending evolution - and some other sciences
Eugenie C. Scott

10.55-11.40: What sex really means
Steve Jones

  • Abstract: Everyone is an expert on sex, but biologists have the unique ability to make it boring. The details vary in a baffling way across the world of life, but however they do the job every sexual creature has two parents, and needs a partner to pass on his or her genes. That fact is one of the most difficult to explain in biology; and I will talk about how biology has attempted to understand it - and what sexual reproduction means to everyone in the audience.

11.40-12.00: Debate and closing remarks
Nils Chr. Stenseth, Chair of CEES

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