The Kristine Bonnevie lectures 2018: Spencer C.H. Barrett and Anja C. Andersen

We welcome you to two open lectures! Spencer C. H. Barrett on "Plant sex and the foundations of evolutionary biology", and Anja C. Andersen on "The importance of scientific integrity". This event is part of the University’s annual celebration. 

Anja C. Andersen is Denmark's first Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Technology.

Spencer C. H. Barrett is one of the world’s leading authorities on the reproductive biology, genetics and evolution of flowering plants.


Plant sex and the foundations of evolutionary biology

Spencer C. H. Barrett, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, Canada (homepage)

Abstract: It is not widely appreciated that investigations of plant sexual diversity have provided many fundamental insights into genetics and evolutionary biology, beginning with the work of Mendel and Darwin. This talk demonstrates why we should care about the intriguing sex lives of plants and how they have informed our understanding of the process of evolution and adaptation. We will delve into the promiscuous sex lives of plants and learn how and why they can mate simultaneously with themselves and dozens of other partners, as well as propagate clonally. I will finish by demonstrating the relevance of plant sex to diverse areas such as conservation biology, agriculture and horticulture.

The importance of scientific integrity

Anja C. Andersen, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (homepage)

Abstract: Science’s place in our society is now more important and simultaneously more fractious than ever before. Science has never been more important to our way of life, and scientific thinking has never been more vital. At the same time, many are worried about how far scientific progress is outstripping accepted mores and even proper public debate in areas as diverse as communications, applied social science, physics, and biology. Perhaps even more concerning, the rise of non- scientific thought, anti-intellectualism, and fake news, are disturbing currents in the stream of modern thought.To meet these challenges requires a high level of scientific integrity.

Background information: "Anja Andersen new Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Technology" (Niels Bohr Institute) 

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