Wenxue Cao

Cao Wenxue


PhD candidate

Research group | Geography & Hydrology
Main supervisor | Thomas Vikhamar Schuler
Co-supervisor | Andreas Max Kääb
Affiliation | Department of Geosciences, UiO
Contact | wenxue.cao@geo.uio.no

Short bio

2021 - Present: PhD Department of Geoscience, University of Oslo, Norway

2017 - 2020: MSc. Department of Geography, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
Thesis: Impacts of climate variability on sea ice extent in the Barents Sea

Research interests and hobbies

Glaciology, remote sensing, hydrology.

CompSci project

Project 3.6

Incorporating real time data stream in modelling the state of the Arctic cryosphere


My project mainly aims to model the Arctic glacier by using data assimilation. Measurements become available at increasing the observational frequency, quality and resolution in the Arctic, while the numerical models of most cryospheric processes have been developed. However, these two developments have gone in parallel and model applications almost do not make use of frequently updated observations. Combining the two methods will improve assessment of the state of the Arctic cryosphere. We will develop methodology to update model state fed by near real time data stream.



CompSci publications

None yet.

Previous publications

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