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Dean Election 2020

Solveig Kristensen and Bjørn Jamtveit are elected Dean and Vice Dean for the period of 01/01/21 – 31/12/24.

Faculty Board Election

New representatives for temporary academic staff at the Faculty Board are to be elected autumn 2021.

Election Board

The Faculty Board has appointed the following election board for the period of 2021–2024:

  • Professor Ragnhild E. Paulsen, Department of Pharmacy
  • Head of Office Anne Cathrine Modahl, Department of Geosciences
  • PhD Student Frøydis Sved Skottvoll, Department of Chemistry
  • Student Aina Krogstad

The Election Board is responsible for ensuring that the elections of the Dean and Vice-Dean, Head of Departments, the Faculty Board and the Board of Departments are carried out in accordance with the University’s election rules. 

    Election Secretariat

    The Faculty Director organizes a permanent Election Secretariat for the Election Board. Senior Adviser Jarle Nygard is the contact person for the Election Secretariat.

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