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Picture of Ole Fredrik Brevig Brevig, Ole Fredrik Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Complex Analysis, operator theory, analytical number theory
Picture of Marine Servane Brieuc Brieuc, Marine Servane Postdoctoral Fellow USA, Conservation genetics, Population genomics, Quantitative genetics, Bioinformatics, Salmon, Atlantic cod
Picture of Maksym Brilenkov Brilenkov, Maksym Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Torsten Bringmann Bringmann, Torsten Professor - Theoretical Physics Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, Cosmology, Dark Matter, Nordic, USA
Picture of Catharina Broch Broch, Catharina
Picture of John Peter Brodholt Brodholt, John Peter Adjunct Professor
Picture of Efim Brondz Brondz, Efim Senior Engineer +47 22855639
Picture of Nikki Brown Brown, Nikki Postdoctoral Fellow Oceanography
Picture of Are Magnus Bruaset Bruaset, Are Magnus Adjunct Professor +47 92610063
Picture of Eskil Brun Brun, Eskil Senior Engineer +47 22852436 +47 90625406 Linux
Picture of Marta Bruno Silva Bruno Silva, Marta Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Wenche Brynildsen Brynildsen, Wenche Adviser +47 22858333
Picture of Anne Krag Brysting Brysting, Anne Krag Professor +47 22857577 Botany, Phylogeography, Phylogenetics, Plant systematics, Plants, Polyploidy, Speciation
Picture of Martin Bråtelund Bråtelund, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow 41292632 Mathematics
Picture of Kjetil Bråthen Bråthen, Kjetil Senior Adviser +47 22857730 Department of Geosciences, Finance
Picture of Kristin Bråthen Bråthen, Kristin Adviser +47 22852956
Picture of Magnar Kopangen Bugge Bugge, Magnar Kopangen Researcher +47 22857699 Particle physics, LHC, ATLAS, CERN
Picture of Susanne Janita Henriet Buiter Buiter, Susanne Janita Henriet
Buljan, Maja Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of John Faulkner Burkhart Burkhart, John Faulkner Professor +47 96825011 Hydrology, Cryosphere, Energy challenges, Water resources management, Uncertainty analyses
Buschmann, Lisa Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hussain Shakeel Butt Butt, Hussain Shakeel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lucie Buttay Buttay, Lucie Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90887294 Management strategies, Fisheries, Atlantic cod
Picture of Bendik Bygstad Bygstad, Bendik Professor +47 22840109 +4797658061
Picture of Maria Vetleseter Bøe Bøe, Maria Vetleseter Associate Professor +47 22857814