Persons tagged with «LENS»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Rivas Gongora, David Postdoctor LENS, SMN
Andreassen, Magnus Doctoral Research Fellow LENS, SMN, SOLARIS
Picture of Aleksei Grigorev Grigorev, Aleksei Researcher SMN, LENS
Picture of Amanda Langørgen Langørgen, Amanda Doctoral Research Fellow LENS, SMN
Picture of Augustinas Galeckas Galeckas, Augustinas Researcher +47 22852828 SMN, LENS
Zacharaki, Eirini Researcher +47 22852827 +47 468 10 977 LENS, SMN, NorFab
Kjeldby, Snorre Braathen Doctoral Research Fellow LENS, SMN
Picture of Simon Phillip Cooil Cooil, Simon Phillip Postdoctoral Fellow Materials Science, Electronic Structures, Photoemission (XPS-UPS-ARPES-IPES), Photoemission Microscopy (PEEM), Band Gap Engineering, LENS, SMN
Soltani, Nayereh Researcher SMN, LENS
Picture of Nicole Assmann Assmann, Nicole Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, LENS
Picture of Vegard Skiftestad Olsen Olsen, Vegard Skiftestad Researcher +47 22840956 99159872 SMN, LENS, MiNaLab
Picture of Klaus Magnus Håland Johansen Johansen, Klaus Magnus Håland Researcher +47 22840936 SMN, LENS, Halvledere, Halvlederfysikk
Picture of Kjetil Karlsen Karlsen, Kjetil Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, LENS
Picture of Kristin Bergum Bergum, Kristin Researcher LENS, SMN
Picture of Ylva Knausgård Hommedal Hommedal, Ylva Knausgård Doctoral Research Fellow 47865275 LENS, SMN, Semiconductors, Semiconductor physics, SIMS, Ga2O3, Transparent conducting oxides
Picture of Kalliopi Bazioti Bazioti, Kalliopi Researcher SMN, Structure Physics, LENS
Alkauskas, Audrius Adjunct Professor SMN, LENS
Ousdal, Erlend Lemva Doctoral Research Fellow LENS, SMN
Picture of Andreas Rosnes Rosnes, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47 414 29 716 SMN, SOLARIS, SMN elektrokjemi, SMN strukturfysikk, Electrochemistry, Structure Physics, LENS
Bergsbak, Ingvild Doctoral Research Fellow Solar Physics, Solar cells, LENS, SMN elektrokjemi, SOLARIS
Linderälv, Christopher Researcher LENS, CCSE, SMN, Halvlederfysikk, DFT, Many-body Physics, Modelling and simulation
Choubey, Anjali Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, SMN NAFUMA, LENS, Solar Physics, Solar cells, SOLARIS
Razinkovas, Lukas Researcher SMN, LENS