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Staff at the Section for Pharmaceutics and Social Pharmacy

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Sarah Hjorth Andersen Andersen, Sarah Hjorth Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Joseph Azumah Azumah, Joseph Lecturer
Picture of Alf Kristian Berg Berg, Alf Kristian Professor II +47 22856525
Picture of Ingunn Björnsdottir Björnsdottir, Ingunn Associate Professor +47 22856650 Nordic, Social pharmacy, Pharmaceutical policy, Pharmacoeconomics, Health economics, Register based research, Qualitative methods, Global health
Breiby, Bente Amalie Head Engineer +47 22856134
Picture of Massimiliano Pio Di Cagno Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio Associate Professor +47 22856598 97688378
Gervin, Kristina Postdoctoral Fellow +47 93002393
Picture of Anne Gyri Gløersen Gløersen, Anne Gyri Lecturer
Picture of Anne Gerd Granås Granås, Anne Gerd Professor +47 22844761
Picture of Ivar Grove Grove, Ivar Principal Engineer +47 22856583
Picture of Krister Gjestvang Grønlien Grønlien, Krister Gjestvang Doctoral Research Fellow Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical technology, Biological products, collagen
Picture of Gerd Marie Eskerud Harris Harris, Gerd Marie Eskerud Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855571
Hassan, Hassina Lecturer
Picture of Marianne Hiorth Hiorth, Marianne Professor +47 22857905
Picture of Helene Jonassen Jonassen, Helene Senior lecturer - on leave Life Science, Pharmaceutics, Drug formulation, Drug delivery, Bionanotechnology, Bioadhesion, Polymers, Nanoparticles, Microparticles
Kildemoes, Helle Wallach Researcher
Picture of Eric Ofosu Kissi Kissi, Eric Ofosu Postdoctoral Fellow +4792015729 3D printing, personalised medicine, amorphous drug delivery, Hotmelt extrusion, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical technology
Picture of Bjarke Strøm Larsen Larsen, Bjarke Strøm Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Tove Larsen Larsen, Tove Head Engineer +47 22856588 +4797510240 Pharmaceutics, Instrumentation
Picture of Angela Lupattelli Lupattelli, Angela Researcher +47 22 84 55 49 Antidepressants during pregnancy, Pharmacoepidemiology, Adherence
Lyle, Robert Researcher
Picture of Alma Mulac Mulac, Alma Doctoral Research Fellow Social Pharmacy, Medication safety, Medication errors, Clinical Pharmacy
Picture of Elin Thuy Phuong Ngo Ngo, Elin Thuy Phuong Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856596 Social Pharmacy, Pregnancy, e-health
Picture of Hedvig Marie Egeland Nordeng Nordeng, Hedvig Marie Egeland Professor +47 22856604 +4745033984 45033984 Pharmacoepidemiology, Registry-based research, Pharmacovigilance, Pregnancy, Lactation, ERC, Neurotoxicity, Life Science
Picture of Helene Liepelt Nystedt Nystedt, Helene Liepelt Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Emilie Willoch Olstad Olstad, Emilie Willoch Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93060396 +47 930 60 396 Pharmacoepigentics, Epigenetics, Epidemiology, Social Pharmacy
Robinson, Eirin Guldsten Doctoral Research Fellow
Rosic, Vedrana Lecturer
Røv-Johnsen, Anne Lecturer
Picture of Hilde Iren Samdal Samdal, Hilde Iren Lecturer +47 22856604 +4795771348 +47 95771348
Picture of Sverre Arne Sande Sande, Sverre Arne Professor +47 22856590 +4791833324 Life sciences, Pharmaceutics, Drug formulation, Bionanotechnology, Bioadhesion, Biopolymers, Experimental design, Multivariate evaluation, Principal-component methods
Picture of Gro Smistad Smistad, Gro Professor +47 22856592 Life science, Pharmaceutics, Drug formulation, Bionanotechnology, Bioadhesion, Liposomes
Picture of Lene Maria Sundbakk Sundbakk, Lene Maria Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856136 Pharmacoepidemiology, Biostatistics, Pregnancy, Causality
Picture of Fatima Tauqeer Tauqeer, Fatima Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Raj Kumar Thapa Thapa, Raj Kumar Researcher
Picture of Ingunn Tho Tho, Ingunn Professor +47 22844455 +47 91817026 Nordic
Picture of Else-Lydia Toverud Toverud, Else-Lydia Professor Emeritus +47 22856129 +47 93254707 Social Pharmacy, Adherence, Elderly, Drug use in HIV patients, Pharmacoeconomics, Natural products, Drug use/Pharmacotherapy, Drug use in ethnic minorities
Picture of Maria Bich-Thuy Truong Truong, Maria Bich-Thuy Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855571 Social Pharmacy, Pregnancy
Picture of Johanne Naper Trønnes Trønnes, Johanne Naper Doctoral Research Fellow +4722855571 medication, Pregnancy, Pharmacoepidemiology
Picture of Martina Tzanova Tzanova, Martina Doctoral Research Fellow
Tønnesen, Hanne Hjorth Professor +47 22856593
Picture of Eivind Ystrøm Ystrøm, Eivind Professor +47 22856626 Health psychology, Personality psychology, genetics