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Academic interests

I study defects in semiconductors that are promising candidates for quantum technology applications, such as quantum computing, communication, imaging and sensing. The defects I study are vacancies, that is, atoms missing from the semiconductor crystal structure, and I am focusing mostly on a material called silicon carbide. 


We create the qubit defects using an "ion cannon", or an ion implanter, and localize the defects using electric fields and laser light. Finally, we model the defects theoretically using density functional theory (DFT). 



2011-2016 Master of Science in Nanotechnology, NTNU

2014-2015 Exchange to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD)



FYS2140, spring 2017  

FYS1120, fall 2017

FYS2140, spring 2018

FYS2140, spring 2019

FYS2210, fall 2019



2017-2019 Member of Tilsettingsutvalget at the Department of Physics

2018-2019 Member of the PhD program council at the MN faculty


Tags: SMN
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No ongoing projects