Functionalizing Defects in Advanced Semiconductors (FUNDAMeNT) (completed)

The aim of FUNDAMeNT is to accelerate processes towards groundbreaking functionalities with a holistic approach to defects in Advanced semiconductors and nanostructures, linking defect behavior with electrical, optical and magnetic functionalities and targeting size dependence of defect properties on nanostructure size and shape.

Logo FUNDAMeNT. Created by Marianne Etzelmüller Bathen and Ymir Kalmann Frodason

About the project

The project was divided into three work packages:  

1. WP1 will focus on a Single-Photon Source. Andrej Kuznetsov and Augustinas Galeckas are in charge of this work package. Marianne Etzelmüller Bathen  did her PhD within WP1.

2. WP2 will focus on Doping asymmetry and defects in oxide semiconductors. Clas Persson is the work package leader, and Ymir Kalmann Frodason  did his PhD within WP2.

3. WP3 will focus on Dependence of defect properties on nanostructure (crystal) size. This work package is led by Lasse Vines, and two postdocs worked within the work package spesifically - Geraldo Cristian Vasquez and Robert Karsthof

In addition to the personell working spesifically within a given work package FUNDAMeNT also employs several post doctoral fellows that work broadly across all the work packages. These postdocs are Kalliopi Bazioti, Olekandr Malyi and Konstantina Iordanidou. Thomas Aarholt also participates to this activity in a researcher capacity. 


The overall objectives of the FUNDAMeNT project:

  • Design and control of electrical properties of oxide semiconductors based on fundamental insight in ruling defects/complexes
  • Manipulate and explot point defects in SiC for spintronics
  • Identify defects in nanocrystals and determine their electrical properties as a function of nanocrystal size
  • Developing new methodologies to monitor and identify defects

Further, one strategic aim of FUNDAMeNT is to improve the track record of
all the involved staff, and consolidate the group as an internationally leading group in advanced semiconductors and defect physics.

Project duration

2016 - 2021


Financial support was kindly provided by the Research Council of Norway and University of Oslo through the frontier research project FUNDAMeNT (no. 251131, FriPro ToppForsk-program)

The Research council of Norway's logo to the left: a symbol similar to an hour glass both a orange ring behind. 'The Research council of Norway' written in blue font to the right.

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