Interested in writing your master thesis at LENS?

List of potential master thesis assignments autumn 2020 (pdf).

Topics for a potential master thesis includes:

  • PV, solar cells
  • Quantum technology
  • Light emitted from solids, LEDs
  • Nanotechnology
  • Sensors, sensor technology
  • Thermoelectricity
  • Power Electronics

Interested in any of these topics or have an idea you want to discuss? Contact Eduard MonakhovAndrej Kuznetsov, Lasse Vines or Kristin Bergum

Also think about whether you want your master thesis to have an experimental or a theoretical focus. E.g. do you want to spend most of your time in the lab/clean room or do you mostly want to do simulations? Please indicate if you think you prefer an experimental over a theoretical master thesis or vice versa when contacting potential supervisors.


Useful bachelor level subjects that we recommend, but not mandatory before starting: 

Regarding master level subjects, we advise all master students affiliated with LENS / Semiconductor Physics group to take FYS-MENA4111 – Kvantemekanisk modellering av nanomaterialer and FYS4310 – Material Science of Semiconductors. In addition we recommend FYS4430 – Condensed matter physics II and TEK5310 – Solar cells

For MENA master students we recommend these 10 credit subjects in chemistry KJM5120 – Defect Chemistry and Reactions and/or KJM5100 – Synthesis of Inorganic Materials


Master students affiliated with LENS / Semiconductor Physics Group (spring semester 2020):

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