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Dalslåen, Bjørgunn Heggem
David, Robert Oscar Researcher Clouds, Holography, Ice nucleation, Meteorology
Picture of Sven Claudio Matthias Decker Decker, Sven Claudio Matthias
Picture of Mathew Michael Domeier Domeier, Mathew Michael Researcher +47 22854076
Picture of Elizabeth Dowding Dowding, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Pavel Dubrovin Dubrovin, Pavel Researcher +47 22856922
Picture of Kristina Dunkel Dunkel, Kristina Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Carlos Duque Calvache Duque Calvache, Carlos Associate Professor +47 22854158
Picture of Henning Dypvik Dypvik, Henning +47 22856659 Geology, Impact geology, Sedimentology
Picture of Anders Elverhøi Elverhøi, Anders +47 22856653 +47 92869481
Picture of Bjørg Jenny Engdahl Engdahl, Bjørg Jenny Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology
Engeland, Kolbjørn Associate Professor +47 22856177
Picture of Helene Birkelund Erlandsen Erlandsen, Helene Birkelund Climate
Picture of Lars-Andre Erstad Erstad, Lars-Andre Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Bernd  Etzelmüller Etzelmüller, Bernd Head of Department +47 22857229 +47 90631089 Glaciology, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Geohazards, Geomorphology, Geomorphometry
Picture of Sian Lianne Evans Evans, Sian Lianne Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jan Inge Faleide Faleide, Jan Inge Professor +47 22856677 Petroleum geology, Marine geophysics, Seismic interpretation, Petroleum geophysics, Basin analysis, Structural geology, Tectonics, CO2 storage
Picture of Thea Sveva Faleide Faleide, Thea Sveva Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Stefanie Elfriede Falk Falk, Stefanie Elfriede +47 22855816 Atmospheric Chemistry, Modelling, Climate effects, Ozone
Fawad, Manzar Researcher
Picture of Simon Filhol Filhol, Simon Researcher Glaciology, Cryosphere, Remote sensing
Picture of Herman Fæhn Fuglestvedt Fuglestvedt, Herman Fæhn Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855717
Picture of Sebastien Gac Gac, Sebastien Researcher +47 22855779
Picture of Carmen Gaina Gaina, Carmen Professor +47 22856042
Picture of Olivier Galland Galland, Olivier Researcher +47 22856719