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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ole Humlum Humlum, Ole Professor Emeritus Geomorphology, Glaciology, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Climate change
Picture of Pål Erik Isachsen Isachsen, Pål Erik Professor +47 22855805 Oceanography
Picture of Emilie C. Iversen Iversen, Emilie C. Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology, Climate
Picture of Trond Iversen Iversen, Trond Professor emeritus Meteorology
Picture of Anne Hope Florine Jahren Jahren, Anne Hope Florine Researcher
Picture of Jens Sigurd Jahren Jahren, Jens Sigurd Professor +47 22856611 Geology, Sedimentology, Compaction, Diagenesis
Picture of Dougal Alexander Jerram Jerram, Dougal Alexander Researcher Volcanism
Johnson, James Ronald Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Morgan Thomas Jones Jones, Morgan Thomas Researcher +47 22856926
Kandula, Neelima
Picture of Dag Arild Karlsen Karlsen, Dag Arild Professor +47 22854147 +47 90034342 Geology, Petroleum geology, Organic geochemistry, Petroleum systems
Picture of Krister Stræte Karlsen Karlsen, Krister Stræte Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lasse Keetz Keetz, Lasse Doctoral Research Fellow +47 462 98 525
Picture of Halfdan Pascal Kierulf Kierulf, Halfdan Pascal Associate Professor +47 22855836
Picture of Agnes Kiraly Kiraly, Agnes Researcher +47 96696092 Geodynamics, Modelling, Anisotropic Viscosity, Subduction Dynamics, Mediterranean Tectonics
Picture of Hans Jørgen Kjøll Kjøll, Hans Jørgen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855654
Picture of Andreas Klocker Klocker, Andreas Oceanography
Picture of Anouk Tosca Klootwijk Klootwijk, Anouk Tosca Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jean-Baptiste Philippe Koehl Koehl, Jean-Baptiste Philippe Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Kirstin Krüger Krüger, Kirstin Professor +47 22855811 Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmosphere Ocean Interactions, Atmospheric physics, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology, Earth System
Picture of Agata Krzesinska Krzesinska, Agata Researcher +47 22 85 40 88
Picture of Evgeniy Kulakov Kulakov, Evgeniy Researcher Geodynamics, Paleography, Plate tectonics
Picture of Wolfram Michael Kürschner Kürschner, Wolfram Michael Professor +47 22856672 +4796010747 Geology, Palynology, Stratigraphy, Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment
Picture of Andreas Max Kääb Kääb, Andreas Max Professor +47 22855812 Remote sensing, Observation technoloies, Geoinformatics, Climate change, Cold regions, Geohazards, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Glaciology, Geomatics
Picture of Joseph Henry Lacasce Lacasce, Joseph Henry Professor +47 22855955 Meteorology, Oceanography, Large scale dynamics, Turbulence, Lagrangian statistics