LATICE Summer Seminar 2020

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Our traditional LATICE Summer Seminar will be held on 17 June 2020 on Zoom. The aim of these summer seminars is to update each other on our research activities, and discuss our future work and collaborations. Fittingly to the summer theme, LATICE researchers will enjoy some ice cream and strawberries during the webinar.
Speakers and their presentation title are as follows :

Yeliz Yilmaz - Scandinavian snow cover phenology from CLM5, reanalyses, and MODIS
Stefanie Falk - Ozone stress in Northern Fennoscandia in 2018, CLM5.0 Ozone+LUNA, Crowberry PFT?
Eva Lieungh - Manuscript idea: simulating a field experiment using the EMERALD CLM-FATES platform
Kristoffer Aalstad - Data assimilation in SpotOn: A first synthetic experiment
Andrea Popp - TBA
Iris Mužić - CLM5 and LPJ-GUESS PFT parameters comparison
Hui Tang - Current and future activities on CLM-FATES platform
Olga Silantyeva - Shyft future plans: benchmarking and Finse
Kjetil S. Aas - CLM and terrestrial Carbon in NorESM2
Marius Lambert - Frost drought damage to Norwegian needleleaf trees
We wish everyone a good summer holiday.


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