LATICE is a key contribution to the National Research School on "Changing climates in the coupled earth system" (CHESS). Lectures, workshops and summer schools will be organized in diverse locations and funds will be available for PhDs in Norway to work and study abroad. CHESS will also support various "hands on" courses in proposal and article writing, presentation techniques and teaching.

CHESS – Research school on changing climates in the coupled earth system, the main pages for the research school

Ecological Climatology, 10 credits course

LATICE established in 2018 the interdisciplinary master/PhD course on Ecological Climatology (GEO5915). The course provides an overview of the relationships between climate and ecology, with focus on climate related feedbacks within boreal, alpine and arctic terrestrial ecosystems.

Through the program, students will understand the connections and interactions between land and atmosphere, with an emphasis on terrestrial vegetation ecology and dynamic vegetation modeling. The main focus will be on processes at northern latitudes.

GEO5915 – Ecological Climatology, course description


The UiO – Hive is a group of scientists and engineers focused at designing and building custom tools to explore nature in new ways. With the advent of Open-Source software and hardware, it becomes easier than ever to build custom made tools. Many technologies such as IoT, databases, and visualization are yet to be combined and widely brought to natural sciences, with all challenges involved. While each of these technologies have inherent complexities, their deployment in nordic environments raises a number of challenges for engineers and scientists.

UiO Hive is then here to connect people across disciplines, learn from each other, and push the limits of our tools to explore our environment.

UiO – Hive (eInfrastructure), about the project

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